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Genoa winches

Created: Friday, 03 April 2015

The load on the sheets genoa biggest. Let's say even that it is the largest sail area of the sail on our ship. And she composes about 130 m 2 . We finally brought winches for genoa-Sheeting. This hydraulic winch. In order to provide a convenient approach to Shkot winch with port and starboard winch we ordered left and right rotation. It is not a cheap pleasure, but nothing can be done, it is enough to charge the node on a sailing ship. 

We have long thought what type of drive used on the ship. It is clear that the choice is between the electric and hydraulic. And as a result of reliability and safety considerations have chosen hydraulic winches supply system. Hydraulic drive naporyadok less electric drives, more from the point of view of fire protection hydraulic actuator outperform elektiricheskih. 

The rest of the winch also decided to make a hydraulically driven. 





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