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Review of construction for 08.2015

Created: Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello everybody!

We apologize for the long silence. By and large, it was not any big news. And now we decided to write an article reporting on our progress, show a little bit of video and photos.

As you remember, we have already completed the alignment of the hull and started sandblasting. Sandblasting body course to stop all work on the case. Around the body was practically a sandstorm :). Even a photograph that was impossible. Nevertheless, some work moving equipment gradually accumulate in stock, and we are approaching victory. Finished sandblasting the body with male hand primed the entire body 3 layers of soil "International" we have begun to putty the entire body. Sandblasting the inner side of the body will do later. And while the weather is good it was decided to rest against the filler.

While work is going on the body in the studio working on the deck equipment, mast and standing rigging. Moreover, you can congratulate us, we sotoyalos first lifting anchor !!! Let driving, empty-handed, but it's an important event.

Start assembling mast elements which later will be set up under special bed and it will be assembled in a single structure. Mast he is going out of aluminum profiles and svarivaetsya into a single colony.

They collected the keel and rudder, and are preparing to fill the lead in the keel. The total weight of the keel of approximately 10 tons. Perot will fill with oil or foam.

Finally brought the propeller shaft, and we're getting tight to the engine installation, stern tube and the thrust bearing, the way he, too, has already arrived.

Well, almost every major news. Later I will try to describe a more detailed version of the events.

Thank you all who are with us !!!!!




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