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Michael Rykov 

Having grown up in Zelenograd, that was most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the Soviet Union. 

He was a very active, curious child, who enjoyed staying outdoors and exploring new things.

Later on he immersed himself in exact sciences (physics, mathematics and programming). This made him study at National Research University of Electronic Technology that is an advanced university of Russia. After graduation he was working as an IT specialist for different kind of companies, included the University he used to study.

He always wanted to know the world and travel more as possible. So, he started to travel in different places in Russia, than Egypt, Finland and many others. But one day he realized that he need something more, something different and challenging. He wants to know more different countries, cultures and people in the world.

And that time one idea came  into his mind - sailing round the world by his own yacht. As a very creative person who enjoys diving, surfing and other activities he started to make a plan how to make it come true.




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