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Как определить ВРЕМЯ по «НЕБЕСНЫМ ЧАСАМ»?

Created: Monday, 06 August 2018


Мой дед, Лирик Абдуллович, всю свою жизнь посвятил науке, работая в Обсерватории им. Энгельгардта. Порою сетовал на то, что мы, опираясь на технику, совсем растеряли знания прикладной астрономии. И вот, в такой момент, после фразы «Учись, Балбес!» он набросал от руки на клочке бумаги, который Вы видите на фото, пример применения таких прикладных знаний. 

Так с помощью этой нехитрой формулы можно установить ВРЕМЯ ПО ЗВЁЗДАМ, причём, точность метода зависит сугубо от точности наблюдений. (из личного опыта  5 минут)


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Шпаклевка законченна. Продолжаем....

Created: Friday, 09 December 2016

Крепкого всем здоровья!!!! 

Ну что-же, мы закончили со шпаклевкой корпуса и уже покрасили корпус грунтом. Далее уже непосредственно перед окончательной покраской в цвет будем еще раз грунтовать и красить уже в окончательно. А пока погода не позволяет занимаемся внутреними работами.

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Latest videos

Created: Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hello, dear reader! We apologize, we haven't posted in awhile. Stay with us, folks we are still working here.

We're fine. The work is still going on. Everything is going well, but a bit slow. We would like to share with you our latest video about the ship build process.

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Step by step

Created: Wednesday, 09 December 2015

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News from shipyard

Created: Friday, 06 November 2015

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Bronze tests

Created: Tuesday, 13 October 2015

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Sandblasting body inside

Created: Monday, 28 September 2015


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Review of construction for 08.2015

Created: Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello everybody!

We apologize for the long silence. By and large, it was not any big news. And now we decided to write an article reporting on our progress, show a little bit of video and photos.

As you remember, we have already completed the alignment of the hull and started sandblasting. Sandblasting body course to stop all work on the case. Around the body was practically a sandstorm :). Even a photograph that was impossible. Nevertheless, some work moving equipment gradually accumulate in stock, and we are approaching victory. Finished sandblasting the body with male hand primed the entire body 3 layers of soil "International" we have begun to putty the entire body. Sandblasting the inner side of the body will do later. And while the weather is good it was decided to rest against the filler.

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Sandblasting began!!!

Created: Monday, 25 May 2015

Well, here we started blasted body before further processing and painting. It feels like it as a new and significant step in our project. I do not even know how to describe this feeling, it seems likely to pass through the transition. When you're done and you are half way to achieving the goal is within reach. While I understand that a lot of things need to be overcome, but also want to note that a significant portion of already passed!


Sandblasting body, what is it and why is it necessary? This treatment of metal surfaces with compressed air with an abrasive material that beats on the surface and discourages her from oxides and other pollutants. To pure metal. And the surface is ready for painting specialized primer.


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Norseman test

Created: Sunday, 17 May 2015

Leisurely we started the production of standing rigging. One of the busiest parts of it and the Norseman lanyard. For this project, it was decided to produce their own design Norseman.


And then came the first results.


We present our test of norsman by static load of 24 tons.

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Installation thruster is began

Created: Friday, 03 April 2015

Well, that started equipment installation in the housing of the yacht. Mounting the steering device is rather complicated and requires a lot of critical work on the case. And it must be properly and smoothly welded taxiing tunnel, which will set the mechanism of the steering device.

Thruster quite important and necessary mechanism for ship parking in cramped conditions.

Thruster drive us himself to be hydraulic, and it will work directly from the main diesel engine which is installed hydraulic pump. Since parking is in 99% of cases will be carried out under the motor, and then there is no point start thruster from an electro-hydraulic pump. Therefore reasonable to put a separate pump directly to the main engine with a mechanical selection of AC power to operate the steering device and the anchor capstan.



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Genoa winches

Created: Friday, 03 April 2015

The load on the sheets genoa biggest. Let's say even that it is the largest sail area of the sail on our ship. And she composes about 130 m 2 . We finally brought winches for genoa-Sheeting. This hydraulic winch. In order to provide a convenient approach to Shkot winch with port and starboard winch we ordered left and right rotation. It is not a cheap pleasure, but nothing can be done, it is enough to charge the node on a sailing ship. 

We have long thought what type of drive used on the ship. It is clear that the choice is between the electric and hydraulic. And as a result of reliability and safety considerations have chosen hydraulic winches supply system. Hydraulic drive naporyadok less electric drives, more from the point of view of fire protection hydraulic actuator outperform elektiricheskih. 

The rest of the winch also decided to make a hydraulically driven. 



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