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Straightening the hull

Created: Friday, 30 January 2015

We are glad to see you again, our dear readers! Finally, we finished straightening the hull. Looks not bad. The purpose of straightening is to strain a metal and formed the hull's shape to the ideal as possible.  This  allows us to reduce the thickness of the spackling layer to a minimum. The first stage of this procedure is to relieve mechanical stresses on the welding points, and then for each site is an individual approach. :) Somewhere to hit, somewhere to pull. Also, it didn't happen without a  technological cut.



The quality of straightening we are going to see on the spackling stage and finishing yacht's surface. But  we did not reach it yet. Right now we are going to work on a drive shaft, prepare the place for the anchor devices, winches, make  other welding operations, the full abrasive blasting of the hull, primer and spackling. We still have many steps to go. Of course, on the moment the weather is holding us back and we have to wait to start working on these large steps. Our entire team starts to concentrate on other work as keel, rudder, stern cover, water and fuel tanks and a bunch of other small things. At the same time, we are trying to choose propeller screw, engine and gearbox. We chose already engine. We have been thinking a lot, which one is the best suit our needs and we decided to opt for HYUNDAI SEASALL H380. The gearbox will be ZF-325. I am going to write a bit more about the engine and gearbox next time. 





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